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We offer various services and expertise tailored to our client's specific requirements. This encompasses standardisation, integration, and enhancement of the GRC framework, executing RFPs for technology procurement, defining strategy and business cases, and change management and consultation services.

Our expertise spans a diverse array of areas, including but not limited to those mentioned below:

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Vendor Selection

We have partnerships and work closely with multiple highly regarded GRC solution providers. This puts us in a position to help you plan, make contact with, get familiar with through demos, and ultimately make the right choice of GRC system for your organisation. Whether it be Operational Risk, Audit, Compliance Management/Horizon Scanning, Policy Governance, Third Party Risk Management, Business Continuity Management, Whistleblowing - or integrating all of these disciplines across the enterprise, we can help.

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Reporting Solutions

We help organisations define risk, audit, compliance and governance reporting to integrate and standardise GRC views. These can be replicated and reused across the organisation, designed to deliver value to all three lines of defense. Our consultants are familiar with various popular business intelligence tools, including PowerBI.

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Transformation and Change

We have a vast experience and expertise in delivering discreet change items and broader organisational transformations. We offer services to support your transformational end-to-end needs, including turnaround help with struggling or ongoing initiatives, program/project management and strategic planning to address technology, data and business operating models. We also provide analysis of technology, data, business processes and reporting. Our consultants have certifications to deliver the technology configuration of several GRC products. Our team will work closely with you to provide bespoke solutions that drive meaningful change for your organisation. We are committed to ensuring your business's smooth and successful transformation journey.

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Adoption and Culture

We have in-depth experience working with clients to establish strategies to create the right culture, supporting the successful rollout, adoption, and embedding of GRC environments. To maximise the value of the investment, our approach includes communicating benefits and drivers, shifting focus towards understanding outcomes, education and training at all levels of the organisation, and establishing metrics and reporting mechanisms to monitor progress. Our team of experts will work closely with you to deliver bespoke solutions that meet your organisation's needs and achieve a thriving GRC environment with maximum value for your investment.

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Managed Service

We offer a targeted range of managed service solutions for GRC systems that go beyond implementation. Our solutions include content services such as designing risk/impact matrices, maintaining risk taxonomy and library, control library, root cause, standards and framework, and assisting in selecting providers for compliance universe, horizon scanning, ISO, NIST, et al. certifications. We provide operational risk departmental oversight and 'BAU' support role capability on a transitional or short/medium-term basis, ongoing GRC system configuration support, and system upgrade management. Our team of experts will work closely with you to deliver personalised solutions that meet your needs and ensure your GRC system is optimised for maximum efficiency.

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Risk and Control Consultancy

We bring extensive experience and knowledge when reviewing the maturity of your risk and control environment. Our approach includes identifying gaps and weaknesses by conducting deep dives on the end-to-end process and control environment, independent control testing, and assessing readiness for audits, compliance, and cyber certifications and inspections. In addition, we evaluate risk framework maturity against the Integrated Control Framework Use Test to assess your risk and control environment comprehensively. Our team of experts will work closely with you to provide tailored solutions that address gaps and weaknesses, ensuring your organisation's risk and control environment is optimised.

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